Santiago de Compostela

About the Angels

The Camino Angels is a registered non-profit association that has been set up and registered in Spain. Our idea is to help people help pilgrims all over Spain and Portugal. We will support people along any camino that need some economical help, this could be an albergue that needs a new roof or a place that need a new fridge or new mattresses.

Who are the Camino Angels?
The Camino Angels are the many pilgrims that donate and help this project move forward.

The funding will come from membership fees or individuals around that world that have walked the Camino and feel like helping out with a few euros on specific projects. These projects will be posted here on this site.

Our oficial name is:
Asociación Ángeles del Camino
CIF: G70554019

Travesia da Universidade 1
15704 Santiago de Compostela
A Coruña

Advantage of being registered in Spain
Non-profits registered outside of Spain, have a limitation that they can only send funds to another non-profit in Spain (due to money laundering laws). Being located in Spain, it gives us the ability to fund any organisation/small business in Spain or Portugal without this limitation.

We will collaborate with Peaceable Projects (a U.S.-based non-profit group) helping them get their funds to the right project.